Enzo’s premium comfort , travel pillow , mosquito repellent bracelet and the organic matcha tea

Enzo’s main role is protection of customers and the services the company offers. It develops various products putting customers in light with their products as well as satisfying their needs. The company produces products such as a premium comfort, travel pillow, baby carrier wrap, mosquito repellent bracelet, the organic tea matcha powder among other products.

The organic tea can be taken for relaxing the mind, lifting ones level of energy level and improving focus because of the high presence of amino acid L-thiamine. The tea can be used as an energy drink and a soft drink as well.

Premium comfort , travel pillow , mosquito repellent bracelet as well as the tea matcha powder are products of the latest technology by Enzo and are a necessary human need everyone needs in the house. Premium travel pillow combines both the memory foam and the cooling gel that provide travelers with the best comfort they would need by reducing neck pain and muscle inflammation as a result of long travel hours. The pillow is covered in velour, which is a soft fabric making it suitable to wash with a machine thus easier to clean. It is a durable and more versatile product hence can last longer and be used during flight and car travels.

The repellent bracelets are made of citronella oil, scented lavender and peppermint which are responsible for ensuring a customer is safe while travelling thus preventing future illnesses. The bracelets are extremely versatile. They can be used for both indoor and outside activities such as fishing, camping or hiking and are suited for adults and children. The bracelets are easy to use, made from microfiber material and all natural organic scented.

mosquito repellent bracelets

Since the products are non-plastic, it makes it easier for them to be recyclable and biodegradable. For a more comfortable and safe travel, a customer needs to have a premium comfort , travel pillow , mosquito repellent bracelet as well as the matcha tea. This will ensure the kids are well protected from insects for both indoor and outdoor activities planned for


Being a parent can be extremely exhausting. It’s true! I love being a mom, but sometimes, I just want to hide from my son, even for a tinny bit, and just breathe. I especially look forward to nappie’ time. Then I get time to myself, brew up some of that matcha tea powder, make some awesome tea with honey, grab my samsonite travel pillow (yes, a travel pillow, it’s pretty comfy) and just take a breather on the couch. Finally, some alone time. Some me time. I pop in twice or thrice to check on Malik. He’s sound asleep. Relieved, I set myself back on the couch. Slowly, I slip away as well.

I love my son to death, and I like to think I’m an awesome parent. Once your young one is born, you often have to make a lot sacrifices, and I have. Do I have any regrets? Nada. You experience love like you’ve never before. You get excited at every milestone your baby makes. His first word. His first steps. His first set of teeth. The first time he sits. His first day in school. His first kiss…Pictures, pictures and more pictures! Every first is as exciting as the next. I hear Malik crying in the middle of my siesta. He hasn’t even slept for half an hour. I get up to check on him. I pick him up and lull him back to sleep. He probably must have had a bad dream. In no time, he’s gone back to dreamland and I put him slowly put him back in his crib.

matcha green tea powder

I decide to have more of that matcha tea. I feel extremely calmed and invigorated by it. In goes the powder, some water, and then honey. I fill my cup. Now, where’s my favourite travel pillow? Ah yes! I position myself on the couch, and sip my tea slowly as I reminisce about the future. My son’s and my own. I see myself having passed the bar. I see football games and school plays. I see a high school graduation. College…med school maybe? “No pressure”, I tell myself. “I’ll support whatever he wants to do.”

Down goes the last sip of my matcha tea. Malik cries again. Nap time is over. He sees me walking over to him and his cries turn into a smile. As if to say, “I’m baaack!”

I can’t wait to see what he breaks next.

Matcha Green Tea Powder, Compare Manufacturers, Prices & Read Reviews

Matcha green tea powder is the only well-known and widely consumed form of powdered green tea. Although the tradition of grinding green tea leaves into a fine powder essentially began in China it is often considered as a very old Japanese tradition. The word itself, matcha, translates as ‘rubbed’ or ‘ground tea’. Drinking green matcha tea powder is increasing in acceptance for its taste, health benefits and tendency to create a feeling of calm.

Since green was tea introduced to Japan it has become a leading grower and exporter of green tea. Uji in Kyoto has the perfect climate, geology, soil and altitude for growing green tea. This area’s mild climate consisting of warm days and cool nights are perfect for tea gowning.

Matcha green tea powder is produced by the same techniques as traditional tea farming up till the final three weeks of its growth. Three weeks before its maturity, Matcha green tea plants would be shaded by reed or straw screens or in modern huge scale farming this is often replaced by black tarpaulin sheeting. This serves to limit the daylight reaching the leaves that has a couple of effects. The reduced sunlight causes the leaves to turn a brighter clear shade of green due to increased chlorophyll production.

Levels of a specific amino acid called L-Theanine which is unique to green tea, are also increased. This leads directly to a better taste and more health benefits. This is the compound which is believed to give this tea its stress reducing effects promoting a calm yet focused awareness. After this shading period is complete, the best quality matcha green tea powder will be produced from the outermost leaves of the plant, the unopened tip and 2 topmost leaves. The carefully chosen tips are then steamed to stop oxidization, retaining freshness and nutrient content.

At this point the tea now a finished tea in its own right. For matcha production the fibrous stem and vein structure is then stripped from the leaves leaving tiny irregularly formed parts of the tea leaf which can ultimately be stone ground into the final product. It is believed that hand milled matcha tea powder is still the best and it is definitely its production is like the traditional teas of traditional Japan and China. These days industrial techniques can guarantee bigger consistency in the plants due to stringent temperature regulation, grinding precision and bigger grinding power and speed all thanks to mechanisation.